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Imagine ziMb_ro raBaba vake ranga rakasviba sei – Video of woman describing why her Son is dark divides Social Media


Video of a woman saying unethical words in front of her kid has left a lot of tongues wagging with 95% calling her out for such stupid behaviour. People have expressed their different views on the clip and obviously, a lot disapproving such an act.

In the video, a lady who can be seen expressing frustration takes a dig at light-skinned men saying she doesn’t go for such men.

‘Imagine competing for a mirror with a light-skinned man’, she said. Calling her son to prove to the world that she surely goes for dark men, she describes the son’s dark complexion saying, ‘imagine zimb-oro rababa vake ranga rakasviba sei kuti pazobuda mwana akadai’. Which means ‘imagine how black was the pen!s of this kid’s father.’

Watch the video below:

-Mbare Times

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