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Returnees stage demo over prolonged stay at Isolation centres


Returnees stage demo over prolonged stay at Isolation centres. Returnees mostly from South Africa and Botswana went on a hunger strike on Sunday in an endeavour to try and compel authorities to release them after they had spent over 21 days without being tested.

They have been detained at Bulawayo Covid-19 quarantine centres – the United College of Education (UCE), since their arrival in the country.

The returnees reportedly boycotted food before blocking vehicles from leaving or coming into the premises. Speaking to the Daily News, one of the returnees said: We were more than 300 and were being mixed with those who came after us. We only got tested after protesting when we had stayed for 21 days, which under normal circumstances would be the time for our release. They told us there were no test kits.

After being tested they said four people were positive, so they added eight more days. We then got tested again, but instead of them giving results they said there is a case again that’s when all hell broke loose. This comes when nearly 200 returnees have so far escaped from quarantine centres where there are reports of hunger and poor living conditions.

Moreover, some argue that some returnees are likely contracting the virus in the quarantine centres where they mix and mingle for too long.

Source – Pindula News

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