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Amanda du Pont reveals she is now a married woman

Actress Amanda du Pont has opened up about tying the knot and how it was her grandmother’s wish to see her get married before she passed on. The actress spilt the tea on being married to her bae, Shawn Rodriques, in a heartfelt message to her grandmother who passed away on Monday night.

Taking to Instagram, Amanda expressed how her grandmother would say she was getting tired of waiting for her to get married. I lost my gogo last night. If you know me well you’d know she was my fave. Everything in my body is aching and so painful but I’m happy you are resting and no longer in pain.

Amanda du Pont and Shawn

“She promised to wait until I was married before she passed. Over the last couple of years, she would hint that she was getting tired. I’m a married granny and I’m ok, hope you are too. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Perfect Peace. Amanda’s revelation of being married comes as a surprise to fans.

The actress got engaged last July and she announced the news by sharing a video on Instagram where she flaunted her huge engagement ring. Amanda’s bae, Shawn, pulled out all the stops when he popped the question in the Maldives.  Amanda described the engagement as a “dream come true”.

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