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Enzo Ishall speaks on the viral video of him getting up close and personal with Miss World Zim

Enzo Ishall speaks on the viral video of him getting up close and personal with Miss World Zim. Enzo Ishall has reacted to news that he might be romantically involved with out-going Miss World Zimbabwe Belinda Potts. The Rumours came after a video of the chanter and the model dancing together and seem getting cosy with each other went viral on social media. We are all under lockdown so that we get over from this COVID-19 pandemic that has been causing deaths in the world and here in the country it has already claimed 6 lives and 497 cases reported.

Although in the country the rate of death is low people are being urged to take precautionary measures in order not to spread the disease. But it seems some of our celebrities don’t care about that.  Last Saturday out-going Miss World Zim Belinda Potts hosted a birthday party for herself as she turned 23 years old and they invited a number of people to celebrate with her. The party had people but they did not wear any masks and they did not even practice social distancing which is being urged.

here were celebrities spotted at the party and these include the likes of Miss Chacha and dancehall chanter Enzo Ishall who seemed to have a good time as she was spotted getting down on the dance floor with the birthday girl and Miss Chacha as well. The videos have gone viral and many speculations were made some saying Enzo might be involved in a romantic relationship with the out-going Miss World Zim Belinda Potts.

Enzo had to address the situation and here is what he had to say…

Source – MbareTimes

Prophet Passion Java reveals that Winky D turned him down a US$35K project: Video

Prophet Passion Java reveals that Winky D turned him down a US$35K project: Video. In his Twabam take Money show that he did with MudiwaHood on Friday, Prophet Passion Java revealed that Winky D aka the Bigman turned him down a US$35K project which he wanted to do with him over a period of 1 year.

Passion and Gafa

Passion Java revealed this when he was dishing out advice to his fans on how to make money and how to make your business grow. He was trying to show that Vison is needed in whatever you will be doing…continue reading.

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