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Figtree man who goes to work with his 10-months-old baby blessed with $20 000 and a grocery hamper

Mr Gumede

Figtree man who goes to work with his 10-months-old baby blessed with $20 000 and a grocery hamper. After we had posted an article about this man, a follow up was done and we are proud to say that the man has been blessed by Zimbabweans who saw his article and decided to lend in a hand. Below is the article that we wrote about the man.

So pictures of this man are making rounds on social media as people are being puzzled by this man’s love for his baby as he takes the baby to work with him. This is not because he loves to take the bay out with him. It’s because of the situation he is in. The man is the only guardian to this baby.

His wife the mother of the baby died whilst giving birth to this kid and the man has vowed to take care of his baby alone. And since the moment the baby was born he has been taking care of it and he seems to be doing a very good job. He is not employed he survives by doing piece jobs where he is forced to take his baby with because he has no one to leave the baby with.

Father and baby

This is an unemployed Father from Figtree who is raising his 10 months baby alone. The mother died while giving birth. He survives on piece jobs and he moves around with the baby on a wheelbarrow while doing his piece jobs.


Now we have good news for you…Here is what our source had for us concerning the story as they gave an update.

Good day…an update about Mr Gumede and baby Luvuno…(the Figtree single father who does piece jobs with the baby in the wheelbarrow). He received an assortment of groceries today which were donated by well-wishers. He has also received more than $20 000 on EcoCash. Senior govt officials have also been in touch to see how they can assist. Thank you for your love and help Zimbabweans. God bless you.

Source – MbareTimes/We tell Zim Instagram

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