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Get to know actress Joey Nyikadzino and her works towards single mothers



Get to know actress Joey Nyikadzino and her works towards single mothers. To show her commitment towards their raising their self-esteem, Nyikadzino has created a platform and network where they can share experiences under the banner, Single Mothers’ Club “Zvatakasangana nazvo, our experiences & how we managed”.

Beautician, actress and writer Joey Nyikadzino has single mothers at heart. The club, which was formed on her birth on May 21 this year, seeks to help them grow in business to be their own source of inspiration and healing. In an interview, Nyikadzino who is also an H-Metro columnist said she was also inspired by her past experiences.

“What inspired me is everything I became after I walked out of marriage. “I am now a business lady and I am doing well for myself,” she said.

Queen Joey

Nyikadzino said she was ready to change lives of singles mothers using her expertise. “I have managed to secure so many things which include properties and besides I am already running businesses.

“I have managed to secure new beauty clinics which has renovations going underway so I want to encourage other single ladies out there that being single is not a barrier but a stepping stone,” she said.


Nyikadzino, who chairs a board of 16 members with over 7000 followers on social media at the her club, said they have lined-up a series of workshops where they seek to exchange notes with other singles mothers.

She said they will conduct a series of workshops once Covid-19 is suppressed and the only entry requirement was for one to be a single mother. “So we have people in south Africa, United Kingdom, America, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and widely Zimbabwe.


After Covid-19, we are to have a tour in African countries whilst we prepare for Europe next year.”

Asked what single mothers were set to benefit, she explained: “We help even the less privileged mothers with financial assistance even ideas of how to survive. “We encourage single mothers to be their own bosses so that they don’t face abuse because of benefits.

“’We mentor and embrace each other.” She also opened up on their challenges as single mothers. “The major challenge we have so far are married women we have in the same group who think we are outclassing them yet we are not.

Joey and friend

“Because what we know is others are going to get married as well one day so we are here to encourage others not to make same mistakes as before. “We therefore encourage each other to work hard and also to look good and be smart always,” she added.




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