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Hyenas terrorize Beitbridge residents

Beitbridge Hyneas

Hyenas terrorize Beitbridge residents. A clan of Hyenas has reportedly wreaked havoc in the Beitbridge rural since last year according to the Beitbridge Rural council chairperson, The Herald reports.

To add insult to injury, elephants on another hand are also destroying crops in other areas in the same district. Speaking to the publication, Councillor Joseph itani Muleya said:

Last year between January and December, hyenas killed a total of 272 donkeys, 76 head of cattle and 344 goats in Ward Six, which includes Umzingwane, River Ranch and Makakavhule villages. We recently hired officials from the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to assist in controlling these marauding animals, but our coffers have run dry and we are now appealing for more funding to fight the on-going onslaught.

You will realise that Beitbridge district is a wild animal area and hence the need to urgently address the problem considering the rate at which our livestock is being killed as we watch helplessly.

Areas that are unfortunately affected by the hyenas and the elephants are Tshikwalakwala, Tshitulipasi and Tshamaswiswi.

Source – Pindula News

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