Mai Titi drops V11 WhatsApp audios of Prophet Passion Java’s n#des

Mai Titi drops V11 WhatsApp audios of Prophet Passion Java’s n#des. Its all been drama today from our celebrities. From rapper Stunner to Prophet Passion Java with the mix of Enzo Ishall, Miss World Zimbabwe Belinda Potts with Mai Titi and Madam Boss too. Its all have been drama and what l can tell you is Zimbabwean celebrities are keeping us entertained in this lockdown

The scandals, dramas are all worthy of our time and data. Today the Prophet Passion Java and Mai Titi scandal topped. It spends the whole day trending and up until now, the two have been dropping heavy bars to each other. Mai Titi went all guns blazing at Passion Java early in the day and it forced the Prophet to apologise by his apology to he comedian was rejected as Mai Titi said the apology was a demise.

Prophet Passion Java and Madam Boss are conspiring to kill me. That’s what Mai Titi said. This forced Passion Java to do a live video on Facebook in that live he attacked main Titi too. So Mai Titi has responded to the video with her own v11 of the prophet in form of WhatsApp audios that are revealing chats about Prophet Passion Java N#DEs. Check the video below

Source – MbareTimes

Prophet Passion Java reveals that Winky D turned him down a US$35K project: Video

Prophet Passion Java reveals that Winky D turned him down a US$35K project: Video. In his Twabam take Money show that he did with MudiwaHood on Friday, Prophet Passion Java revealed that Winky D aka the Bigman turned him down a US$35K project which he wanted to do with him over a period of 1 year.

Passion and Gafa

Passion Java revealed this when he was dishing out advice to his fans on how to make money and how to make your business grow. He was trying to show that Vison is needed in whatever you will be doing…continue reading.

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