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Malawi opposition Party wins Presidential elections




Malawi opposition Party wins Presidential elections. “Change of hands in national leadership is critical for every country especially in Africa where rulers think that their subjects owe them a life. Congratulations to Malawi. Thanks to the Malawian people. What we must understand is that this did not come through Whatsapp politics,” Sikhala said.

MDC Alliance National Vice Chairman Job Wiwa Sikhala has hailed Malawi for hold peaceful re-run Presidential elections which have been won by an opposition party which previously ruled the country during the Late Kamuzu Banda’s reign.

“The sovereign of the people was protected by the Courts after the people have demonstrated their power. People Power resolved the Malawian electoral dispute. Had it not been of the people who stood shoulder high to protect their will, Malawi could not have achieved what it achieved today. The Courts could not be complicity in defeating the will of the people because the voice of the people was roaring in the streets.”

Sikhala said the street became the theatre of the struggle. “Our problem as Zimbabwe is that we talk too much and we have all become political analysts. Deliverance zero. This is the challenge we must all face. The role played by civil society leaders and political leaders in Malawi to give direction to the struggle is priceless,” Sikhala said.

“They were committed. Planned its prosecution with precision. We can’t celebrate what we failed to deliver ourselves. I take this as a challenge to all of us to think twice whether we are really serious about a new order in our country.

Lets descent from the chariots of Whatsapp politics and look the beast in the eye. This struggle needs direction ladies and gentlemen. If not careful tichasvika pakufa tichingokuza and congratulate those who achieve. As a leader myself, it’s also a huge challenge to me that we have talked enough.”

He said it’s time to deliver and act and he will not betray the people of Zimbabwe on that call. “Achievers talk less and act more,” he said.

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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