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Pah Chihera dates Dziva Rembira

Pah Chihera

Pah Chihera dates Dziva Rembira. Group frontman Virimai Nhedega said the live show will be performed every Thursday under the “Mucheka Weretso” banner taken off the single off their forthcoming album Izwi remvura.  Mbira outfit Dziva Rembira, will tonight perform alongside Pah Chihera during a concert to be streamed live on Facebook.

The challenge has seen young ladies putting on the cloth popularly associated with traditional healers.

“We released ‘Mucheka weretso’ song ahead of the album ‘Izwi remvura’ which we are to release in the next two weeks,” said Nhedega.

“On one of the songs on the coming album Pah Chihera featured on ‘Rudo rwengirozi’ so we are promising our fans a good show. Dziva Rembira group has taken young men and women by storm where they take traditional snuff with a belief that it casts out bad omen.

Young ladies are seen wearing the cloth popularly associated with traditional healers in their fight to uphold culture. One of the group’s ardent follower Mary Chipoyi, 23, said she has four different attires of ‘Mucheka Weretso’ cloth.

“I am proud of my culture and not ashamed to take traditional snuff since it helps me in casting out evil spirits and gives me good dreams,” said Chipoyi. “I am not ashamed of my culture and Mbira music sounds better to me,” she added.

Source – H-Metro

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