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Angry Anele Mdoda asks racists: What do they really want

The noise around the Black Lives Matter movement may have faded but the conversations around racism are more robust than ever, and media personality Anele Mdoda took to her Instagram to slam the tendencies of people labelling blatant racism as “micro aggressions”.

This after TimesLIVE reported that four years after the famous Pretoria High School for Girls protest over the school’s policing of their hair, pupils recently staged yet another protest at the school against racism. The protesters claimed that no real change had occurred since their last protest at the school.

“If you are tired of hearing about racism, imagine us on the constant receiving end. I would like to implore all my non-black followers to read this and let me know if you understand why we are so tired! You can say it’s just school but my friend had her CEO make the same comment to her just a few years back,” Anele wrote.
The radio star said in the comments section that she was sick and tired of people referring to “something so blatant and violent” in a “euphonised” manner.

Anele Mdoda

She said people needed to know that commentary, such as the one the anonymous child experienced in her testimony, was violent and there was nothing micro about it.

“I really want to know what do you want from us? What is it you would like us to do? Because I can tell you now, I have tried to take a week off being hated but for some odd reason my leave keeps getting interrupted,” Anele said. Radio personalities Zuraida Jardine and Carol Ofori also commented.

“I don’t dispute that at all. It is blatant. My point is about the microaggressions that we as people of colour are subjected to, to a point that it’s not highlighted immediately and taken further which needs to stop. I know this cause I have been through it, where you question the hurtful statement made about you being an overreaction from oneself.

“When nothing gets said immediately, ignorant people perpetuate their aggressions. I am in no way suggesting that what happened here and continues to happen is OK, it is not and never will be,” Zuraida said.

Carol Ofori wrote: “Sadly, as much as I shield my children, I know the first acts of racism they will experience at school! No matter how ‘subtle’ they may be to an adult … those acts in their entirety are violent to children. The life of a black child”.

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