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Jonathan Moyo: Keep your diary open for 31st July

Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo: Keep your diary open for 31st July. Many voices in the country have been rallying the citizenry to revolt against the government over human rights violations, and the worsening economic and humanitarian crisis.

Exiled former cabinet minister, Jonathan Moyo has suggested that 31 July 2020 would be eventful hence the need for the ruling ZANU PF to memorise it.

31 July is a day before the second anniversary of August 1 shootings during which soldiers shot and killed opposition MDC protesters who had thronged to the streets over the alleged manipulation of the 2018 presidential election in favour of President Mnangagwa.

A Motlanthe Commission was instituted and made recommendations which are yet to be implemented. Moyo posted on Twitter saying:

Hello @zanupf_patriots. Keep your diary open for 31 July 2020! #ZanupfMustGo

The party responded saying it will still be in power yonder 31 July 2020. It responded:

All we know is that on 1 August 2020 and long after we will still be the ruling party.

In response to Moyo’s tweet, Caesar Zvayi, Zimpapers editor echoed the words of the former minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development himself during his tenure in government. He said:

Dream on. Only Zanu-PF can remove Zanu-PF. I’m not saying there’s no reason to protest, we all know things could be better. If the planned protest is abt pressing Gvt to improve livelihoods, fair & fine, but if its about regime change, forget & smile. Let’s talk Aug 1 @ProfJNMoyo

Moyo responded saying:

Cde @caesarzvayi every journey starts with the first step. The 31 July 2020 is not the end but the start of the day. No problem if it turns out to be a long day in calendar terms. But one day is one day. ZanuPF’s moment of reckoning has come. Nothing lasts forever!

In 2015, responding to then MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu, Moyo suggested that ZANU PF would govern forever. He said: You’re damn right Obert Gutu the MDC is here to stay and ZANU PF is here to govern and things will stay that way!

Source – BBC News

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Here is how soldiers have reacted to the #ZanuPFMustGo campaign: Video. There has been rumours going on that at the end of July as mass demonstrations are being organised and being put in place. This comes after a series of extreme hardships that have hit the country’s economy.


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