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Job Sikhala: I am not afraid of your threat Oppah Muchinguri

Job Sikhala

Job Sikhala: I am not afraid of your threat Oppah Muchinguri. “If we all remember some days ago the ZANU PF regime through Kazembe Kazembe, issued lies packaged as security and intelligence alert to the nation about the spread of a coup rumour. In those lies, he specifically mentioned myself, Apostle Talent Chiwenga, Gambakwe Media, ZimEye, Nehanda Radio, Saviour Kasukuwere, civic society organizations and some Prophet in the United States of America whose name,” Sikhala said.

MDC Alliance National Vice Chairman Job Wiwa Sikhala has told Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri that he is not afraid of her threats after she claimed that he Sikhala and Apostle Talent Chiwenga among others will be dealt with for attacking the government.

“I don’t remember as culprits. Few days ago Oppah Muchinguri, told Parliament of Zimbabwe that the government is going to arrest all those persons who were mentioned in the lies. Let me set the record straight from the onset, to Oppah Muchinguri, please bring it on. I am not afraid of the threats because this country can not be governed on the basis of lies and manufacturing of falsehoods against those who are standing against the evils of your government because this country does not belong to anyone’s mother.”

Sikhala said he is briefed that the threat by Oppah Muchinguri is targeting at arresting him and Apostle Talent Chiwenga as soon as possible.

“The brief I received which is quite detailed, says, sooner rather than later after our arrest, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono will also be immediately nabbed. Among the institutions and individuals they targeted during their Press Conference, it is only myself and Apostle Talent Chiwenga who are in Zimbabwe. As a clampdown operation all those whom they target for persecution will be nabbed and thrown into jail, thus including silencing Hopewell Chin’ono,” he said.

“I gather that they are all aware that Saviour Kasukuwere is exiled somewhere, the operator of Gambakwe media is in SA, ZimEye operates from UK so is Nehanda Radio, hence the only ones in Zimbabwe is Job Sikhala and Apostle Talent Chiwenga. So all that noise and threats is all about the appetite by the regime to come and have their hands on me and Apostle Chiwenga.”

“Let me be unequivocal. I will not tolerate any persecution on my person anymore. Don’t dare again. Like their threat to come and invade my home on the 29th of February 2020 which turned into a nightmare, I have mobilised the entire population to trigger a revolution in the event of carrying out their threat. I am a practical man. I will never be persecuted because of my resolute stance against this evil regime. My Masvingo Treason trial will be a pick nick.”

He said this time the wave will be unstoppable and he does not make empty threats. “I am not that character. I also urge Apostle Chiwenga to activate his constituency. It’s a do or die situation. We deserve our peace and happiness. These idiots can not just create a lie to justify their evil intentions against certain persons. This is my country. I have every right like any other citizen to express myself on the deficit on how our public affairs are conducted. Inga you have deployed 24 hours surveillance on me and you have noticed I have never been intimidated to the dot,” he said.

“Idiots governing our country should take responsibility for their failures. Trying to use other people as scapegoats is dangerous to its very survival. I have obtained detailed information about all your intentions Oppah Muchinguri. Bring it on. The wheels of the revolution continue to travel.”

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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