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MudiwaHood visits Stunner after learning he is not feeling well: Pics

Mudiwa Stunner

MudiwaHood visits Stunner after learning he is not feeling well: Pics.  Rapper Stunner has not been feeling well lately and his long time friend and also competitor MudiwaHood visited him. Prays for Team Hombe hitmaker being called upon as it is said he is not feeling well. Stunner has been making headlines and recently been accused of r@ping his sister-in-law Kelsea Tadiwa Tafirenyika. The rapper and his wife of course, later on, clarified on the issue. And it was dismissed as malicious rumours who were targeted to destroy their marriage as they have many enemies.

Word in the streets is that Dziva has not been feeling well for some days now. Rumours are saying he has been in and out of the hospital for 3 days. If these rumours are true then indeed we need to pray for him. He has been an instrumental figure in the Zimbabwe music industry especially the Hip-hop side. He has made wonderful strides to make sure the genre pops up in the country.

He has not been feeling okay for some days now. We did an article telling you the news. Below are pictures of the two rappers as they had lunch together. Dziva Hood

These are the latest pictures of Stunner not feeling well. You can tell from the pictures that the man is not in good shape. Our prayers are with him and his family and we hope he will recover soon and be well again. He is such a good entertainer. Has been entertaining us for the last decade and still going. We wish you a speedy recovery Mdara Dziva.

MudiwaHood Stunner

Source – MbareTimes

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