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Picture of former VP Mphoko’s new look goes viral on social media

Mphelekezela Mphokho

Picture of former VP Mphoko’s new look goes viral on social media. It’s funny how things can turn around in a split second. Things can change so sudden that you won’t believe. I guess its true what they say after all, that Shona riddle ‘Hupenyu ivhiri unotenderera” in English that is translated it means …Life is a wheel it rotates.

This can be said or is a testimony in the life of Mphelekezela Mphoko, who used to be the Vice President of this country, walking side to side with Robert Mugabe and the now President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But since the new dispensation, the former VP has had a sour taste of life. He has been dragged to court countless times and has a current case pending at the courts. But today that is not our main focus. Today we are looking at his health, he is looking like he is deteriorating as far as his physical appearance is to go by.Ex-VP Phelekezela Mphoko His latest picture which has gone viral on social media is a very worrisome is he is not exercising to lose weight. But, if he is exercising then he is doing good he has massively dropped weight. Take a look at this picture whilst he was still the Vice President of this country.


Here he was holding hands with the now President Emmerson Mnangagwa and this was both of them were still vice-presidents of this country. Now take a look at the picture of him below which is making rounds on social media.

Mphelekezela Mphokho

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – President Mnangagwa bans 31 July protest

President Mnangagwa bans 31 July protest. It quotes information ministry spokesperson Nick Mangwana as saying that the march scheduled for 31 July is a “subversion of the constitutional order”.

Reuben Barwe

The authorities in Zimbabwe have banned a planned anti-corruption march organised by the main opposition party MDC-Alliance, the state-owned Herald newspaper reports…continue reading.