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Update: Apostle T Chiwenga doing well after surviving a horrific car accident

Apostle Chiwenga

Update: Apostle T Chiwenga doing well after surviving a horrific car accident. Apostle Chiwenga was involved in a car accident 2 days after revealing that state agents want to abduct him. Its seems his intelligence was correct as he had said he was being followed by State agents security men. Below is the story which he told some 2 days back…

He is always making headlines whenever he appears in front of a camera we are guaranteed that something explosive and controversial will happen. And he always does it, he does not disappoint. And this is why he is being targeted by the government, this is of course according to him.

However, the Apostle Talent Chiwenga survived an accident near Norton on Monday barely two days after warning that state agents had been given the assignment to abduct and kill him. His Church just made a statement below giving an update on his current situation and condition in hospital.



Jesus Revelation Ministries is aware of the curiosity that has been raised by the social media concerning Apostle TF Chiwenga and the other brethren.

We advise you to be calm and not to be tossed to and fro by media houses which are in the business of selling news. Their news sometimes is unverified and not accurate.

We can confirm that after verifying with our brethren indeed the accident occurred. No deaths. Apostle and the other two brethren are in a stable condition according to our assessment, though the medical practitioners will give us their reports as they are doing their best to treat our brethren

We haven’t gotten the details yet pertaining to the causes of the accident but what we confirmed is that all the brethren involved were urgently ferried to medical centres for treatment.

We will continue to update you as and when we receive any information. Continue to pray during these challenging times

Thank you.

Pastor G Baloyi

Source – MbareTimes/Celebrity News

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Reuben Barwe

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