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Prince Kaybee brags about dropping out of school

Prince Kaybee

Award-winning musician Prince Kaybee has deflected hate about not passing grade 11, after he was accused of using it as a badge of honour.

The star is no stranger to haters coming at him, and this week faced criticism from controversial Twitter account Tracy Zille for “bragging about being a grade 11 drop out”.

While Kaybee is known for his spicy clap backs, he let this one slide and asked if the criticism was the reason he was trending on Twitter.

“Oh this is why I was trending yesterday? Ai that picture looks good damnit,” said Prince Kaybee.

In an interview on Metro FM a few years ago, the star opened up about not finishing high school. He explained that he dropped out of high school in grade 11 because his mother couldn’t afford schools fees and life wasn’t going his way.

“I had to leave (home) after dropping out in grade 11. I was very rebellious and my mom couldn’t afford my fees at the same time. I got a girl pregnant the same year. Everything was happening. Everything was a mess.”


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