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Sagging BRE@ST: Every women’s nightmare


Sagging BRE@ST: Every women’s nightmare. I couldn’t wait to share this week’s topic and I know it’s still one of your favourites. It is every woman’s wish to still have firm breasts even after they are in their late years.

As such, I have decided to highlight some tips which can help in keeping our bre@st safe and in shape. There however natural and home remedies which can be put in place to prevent sagging breasts.


Bre@sts can vary greatly from person to person while size, shape, and colour are traits that are inherited from genes.

But through the course of a woman’s life, her bre@sts will also constantly change and develop.

Bre@st tissue is made mostly of fat cells, glandular tissue, and ligaments that extend from the collarbone to the underarm and across the centre of the chest. Glands called lobules to produce milk that women use to feed their newborn children.

🔴Sagging bre@sts

-As time goes by, it’s natural for the original shape of the bre@sts to lose elasticity and droop. This is extremely common but can be a source of anxiety for some women.

In fact, breast “ptosis” — the medical term for sagging — is one of the most common conditions treated by plastic surgeons.

Not everyone has the means or the desire to surgically alter their appearance, but surgery isn’t necessary to begin making positive changes to improve your bust.

-There are a variety of natural remedies and lifestyle changes you can adopt to help prevent or minimize the effects of sagging.

🔴What causes sagging bre@sts?

🔵The most common cause of sagging bre@sts is simply the passage of time. Regardless of who you are or what you wear, time and gravity will cause your skin to become weaker and less elastic.

🔵However, young women might experience sagging bre@sts as well. Aside from the passage of time, there are a number of additional reasons why sagging may occur:

🔵Multiple pregnancies cause the ligaments that support your bre@sts to stretch and droop as they get heavier to support your baby.

🔵Smoking causes skin to lose its flexibility and strength.

🔵Larger, heavier bre@sts are more likely to sag over time.

🔵Extreme weight loss can drastically alter chest shape and bre@st appearance.

🔵Being overweight causes skin and bre@st tissue to stretch and droop.

🔵Overexposure to the sun’s UV rays breaks down collagen and elastin.

🔵Menopause causes hormonal changes that affect skin elasticity.

🔵Extreme, high-intensity strenuous exercise can cause connective tissue to break down.

🔵Certain illnesses, such as breast cancer and tuberculosis can weaken tissue and bre@st support.

🔴Natural remedies for sagging bre@sts

You can never fully restore the original size and shape of your bre@sts, but you can take certain measures to improve the lift and strength of your bust.

These measures include:


🔵diet and nutrition




🔵Since bre@sts don’t have muscle, you can’t firm up bre@st tissue with exercise. However, beneath the bre@sts are fibrous connective tissue and muscles that can be exercised to improve the overall appearance of your chest.

🔵Various chest exercises are recommended to improve not only muscle strength but posture as well. Some common exercises to try are:



🔵bench press

🔵arm curls

🔵Diet and nutrition

🔵Try to eat a balanced, healthy diet to feed and nourish your skin so it stays healthy, strong, and resilient for many years to come.

-It’s also important to maintain an optimal weight for your body type. Being overweight puts pressure on your skin tissue, and the extra weight may add additional weight to your bre@sts, which could result in sagging.

-In addition to a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle decisions are imperative. Smoking tobacco is harmful to your skin as well as your overall health. It may play a contributing factor to sagging bre@sts.

Importantly, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day and stay hydrated. Water powers everything in your body, and drinking enough will keep your skin strong and improve the overall firmness and strength of the bre@st tissue.


Bad posture, such as having a hunched or bent back, can cause the bre@sts to hang by their own weight, putting more pressure and tension on the bre@st tissue and aggravating sagging.

Good posture, on the other hand, involves teaching your body to assume positions during movement where the least amount of strain is placed on supporting ligaments and muscles.

-By keeping your back straight and your shoulders back, good posture works to evenly distribute the weight in your body and help protect against sagging.


A quality, properly fitted bra gives added support that reduces the strain and stress on your bre@st’ supporting tissues and muscles. If you gain or lose weight, make sure you get re-fitted.

🔴The outlook

It’s completely normal to experience sagging in your breasts. It can be caused by a variety of causes that range from genetics to diet to lifestyle.

-By taking better overall care of your body, you can improve skin elasticity and strength, which can minimize the effects of sagging.


I know sagging bre@st can be our worst enemy yet there is nothing much we can do besides following the above tips to make it better. Yes the passage of life may catch up with us but at the end of the day a body in best shape is a perfect gift you can give to yourself. Until we meet again next week its a goodbye.

Happy reading…

NB: Joey Nyikadzino is a beautician, script-writer, hairstylist and entrepreneur based in the capital.

She also runs a film and theatre school grooming upcoming actresses from less fortunate backgrounds and remote areas.

Source – H-Metro

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