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Trust Academy dismisses COVID-19 scare

Trust Academy

Trust Academy dismisses COVID-19 scare. This followed an outcry by students after the sudden death of a lecturer this weekend.  The institution’s principal Mark Dembure said they launched an investigation into the case and it was established that the lecturer didn’t die from Covid-19.

Trust Academy officials have dismissed reports that one of their lecturers died from Covid-19 and examinations are going ahead this week as planned. “We launched an investigation and it was looked into by the National Taskforce for Covid-19 who established that he did not die from Covid-19, the body will lie in state at his house in Ruwa today (yesterday) and burial will be done tomorrow (today).

“I don’t know where the students got this from, but I can assure you that he was not part of the invigilation so exams will go ahead as planned, everything is above board, we have wash points, we are fumigating after each exam session, social distancing and we have received a compliance certificate from the Health Ministry, of course, we aren’t conducting lectures as required by the Higher and Tertiary Ministry,” he said.

Demure also told H-Metro that the lecturer in question didn’t participate in invigilating exams. Students, on the contrary, raised their concerns of the school’s intention to proceed with examinations considering the prevailing circumstances at the school saying the school has not heeded their call to temporarily postpone exams as Covid-19 local transmissions are on the rise.

Students who spoke to H-Metro said they have not seen the school being disinfected after the sudden death of the lecturer in question by the name Maonda.

“The college wants us to proceed with exams but we haven’t seen any form of decontamination after the sudden death of one of our lecturers by the name Maonda, they haven’t released any statement to inform the public that one of the school staff has been infected, it’s very dangerous because he was invigilating exams and this puts students’ lives in danger.

“The school must just do the right thing and put exams on hold for now and continue with exams when things normalise because there’s no need to push for exams putting students’ lives at risk,” said one student identified as Wisdom.

While the school is conducting temperature checks as well as sanitising hands at the entrance, students say they are concerned by the conduct of the school in not taking proper procedures of disinfecting and imposing self-isolation on contacts.

One of the class representatives in one of the degree programmes who spoke on anonymity said they’re in the process of signing a petition to ensure that exams are postponed considering the Covid-19 scare.

“This college really has a problem of hiding critical information, they are not being very clear about the position with regard to exams or how the teacher died, the truth is they are just after money, they haven’t clearly communicated what is going to happen with regards to exams that are scheduled for this week.

“Some lecturers are saying that examinations are optional, but failure to write means one will be forced to retake the course, so what’s the rush to exams, the government was very clear that all tertiary institutions should close for now because of the pandemic.

“The truth of the matter is some of the lecturers are actually supposed to go into self-isolation because they were in contact with the deceased teacher,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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