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Jonathan Moyo’s controversial statement on the death of Perrance Shiri


Jonathan Moyo’s controversial statement on the death of Perrance Shiri. Moyo posted the statement on Twitter commenting on the death of Shiri who succumbed to the deadly Coronavirus.

Professor Jonathan Moyo says it is unfortunate that the former Commander of the 5th Brigade Retired Air Marshall Perrance Shiri died without atoning for his sins.

“It’s tragic that Perence Shiri has departed without facing justice over the gukurahundi atrocities he committed in Matabeleland & Midlands provinces in the 1980s; nor telling the truth about those atrocities to help heal the nation. May God rest Shiri’s victims in eternal peace!” Moyo said.

Moyo’s father Melusi Job Mlevu was murdered by the 5th Brigade in 1983. In January last year Moyo took to Twitter to speak about his father’s death. Read his thread below:

On 22 January 1983 my father, Melusi Job Mlevu, was callously murdered in Tsholotsho by gukurahundi soldiers & the CIO. They tortured him upon his arrest & in front of his family; got him to dig a shallow grave, tortured him again; pumped bullets into his body & buried him!

One of the two books I’m working on, LETTERS TO MY FATHER, is an academic memoir in which I unravel state politics in Zim since King Lobengula & tell my father my story since his brutal murder; especially my ordeal in the ZanuPF leadership ranks between 2000-05 & 2009-17!

“LETTERS TO MY FATHER” starts with the Nov 2017 coup. I tell my father untold things about the coup. I tell him that Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Shiri & others who sent soldiers to torture & murder him; also sent soldiers to come after me & my family but his spirit & God intervened!

On the back of the 2017 violent coup whose casualties remain hidden, the stolen 2018 poll & the 1 Aug 2018 atrocities, I tell my father that last week’s Army massacres & Internet shutdown had the trappings of gukurahundi; with the same murderers in charge then, in charge now!

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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