All war veterans invited to dump ZANU PF

All war veterans invited to dump ZANU PF. Secretary-General of the newly formed The Patriotic Front (TPF) Andrew Nyathi has called upon all former liberation war heroes to dump ditch the revolutionary party ZANU PF and join TPF.

In an opinion peace written on Thursday Nyathi who is a former Former ZPRA Commissar said, “We…call upon all war veterans to move away from this misleading party which is fixated in the past and join TPF and work in unison with fellow Zimbabweans to achieve the ideals of the liberation struggle, which include equality, inclusiveness, unity, a sharing of national and natural resources, diversity and economic progress for the individuals, communities and the whole nation.”

The Christopher Mutsvangwa led the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association (ZLWVA) is currently the officially recognized former liberation fighters association.

In 2019, the organization was hit by a faction split with the splinter groups claiming the partisan welfare group was now firmly in the pocket of the ruling party to a point of failing to see the shortfalls of the country’s leaders.

Source – Bulawayo24

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Update: Apostle T Chiwenga doing well after surviving a horrific car accident. Apostle Chiwenga was involved in a car accident 2 days after revealing that state agents want to abduct him. Its seems his intelligence was correct as he had said he was being followed by State agents security men.Apostle Chiwenga

Below is the story which he told some 2 days back…He is always making headlines whenever he appears in front of a camera we are guaranteed that something explosive and controversial will…continue reading.

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