Home Scandals Ama2000 busy proposing to each other at school instead of learning: Video

Ama2000 busy proposing to each other at school instead of learning: Video


Ama2000 busy proposing to each other at school instead of learning: Video. Thie way these children are growing up and indulging in grown-up people’s business is just too much. Yes, things are changing, the world is evolving but still come on they are engaging in adult’s acts way too soon.

The children of nowadays are too much forward, they are doing things that none of us did when we were still at school. This could all be blamed on the technology l guess. The things our kids are doing at school are actually shocking. Instead of going to learn about intellectual staff, our kids are also learning extra things that are a little too much for their age.

Remember there was a video of some students who were recorded k!ssing and cariss!ng each other in class. The video went viral and parents were not happy. This shows what our kids are doing when they are not learning about school stuff. Now there is a video which is almost similar to that but this one is better in the sense that they are not being physical but they are doing things that will lead to that.

Now they are bending on one knee at school busy proposing to each other instead of learning. The school has not yet been identified but the kids were seen and even recorded as a boy is seen bending on one knee as he asks his girlfriend to marry him. The girl is seen saying yes which makes the surrounding students jump and scream as they appear happy with the whole drama.

Watch the video below

Source – MbareTimes

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