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Ex-Triangle FC vice-chairman dies to Covid-19

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Ex-Triangle FC vice-chairman dies to Covid-19. Information provided by his son Takura via the club indicated that Pfumojena had tested positive for Covid-19 and was also diabetic. Triangle Football Club are in mourning following the death of their former vice-chairman, Goodwill Pfumojena who succumbed to Covid-19 at a private facility in Bulawayo in the early hours of Friday.

The former Triangle second in charge, who was aged 70 at the time of his death was laid to rest at Mutapa Cemetery in Gweru yesterday in line with Covid-19 regulations. He is survived by wife, Yvonne and five children.

“The Triangle football fraternity has been plunged into deep grief and sorrow following the untimely departure of former Triangle United Football Club (TUFC) vice-chairman Goodwill Pfumojena,” posted Triangle on their Twitter handle on Friday.

According to the club, Pfumojena was part of the nine-member task force appointed by the Triangle public affairs directorate in 2003 to work with the community development department sports section in a landmark desire to transform the Triangle into a professional football club.

“He served as TUFC committee member in 2003 in charge of engagement of partners to augment the support received directly from the club sponsors. He managed to bring a wide range of training equipment for the club from a number of co-operating partners,” read the statement from the club.

Pfumojena served as the Triangle vice-chairman between 2004 and 2005. Triangle said Pfumojena will be remembered for his humbleness, industriousness and desire for decent results.

“In the 2004 season, he was appointed vice-chairman, a post he held until the end of the 2005 season. The soft-spoken Murewa will always be remembered for his humility, hard work and thirst for good results in league and cup matches. May his humble departed soul rest in eternal peace.”

Source – Bulawayo24

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