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Picture of Stunner in hospital

Stunner Dades

Picture of Stunner in hospital. Mdara Dviva has been sick for days now and there is a picture of him in hospital that has been seen on social media. At this point, no one knows what disease he is suffering with is.

After hearing that Dziva is not feeling well, his loyal fans have decided to start a health fund for him. It started as rumours, that the singer was sick and the disease he is suffering from we don’t know yet. Word in the streets is that Dziva has not been feeling well for some days now. Rumours are saying he has been in and out of the hospital for 3 days.

If these rumours are true then indeed we need to pray for him. He has been an instrumental figure in the Zimbabwe music industry especially the Hip-hop side. He has made wonderful strides to make sure the genre pops up in the country.

Pictures of him and his friend MudiwaHood having lunch went viral on social and his face (Stunner) really showed something was off. Weel, now the singer has spoken about his condition. See the picture below

stunner Mdara Dziva

Source – MbareTimes

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