Pastor Charamba usher daughters into the music world

Pastor Charamba usher daughters into the music world. The Fishers’ of Men said their interest in the music ministry did not come as a surprise to them. He opened up ahead of their daughters’ much-anticipated release of two singles on Friday.

Zim gospel stalwart Pastor Charles Charamba says his two daughters, Eternity and Shalom have always been musical from birth. Eternity, 17, penned a spiritually-uplifting song titled Tonamata Jesu while Shalom, 22, wrote her own called Mbiri Yose. Both songs will be launched online this Friday around 11am, with the blessing of Pastor Charamba and wife Oliver (The Charambas).

In an interview, Pastor Charamba said they his daughters were only following in their footsteps. “There hasn’t been any particular day of discovery. We thank God that they have just been musical from ‘birth’.

“We strongly believe that our calling is their calling but they have to be consulting the Holy Spirit for them to chat a customised pathway. “It’s also important for us to state that the two girls are only the current faces of the overall team of five siblings. They are all involved,” he said.

Asked how long his daughters took working on the singles, he said: “They recorded back in May 2019. They are yet to finish songs for an album due to the limited time they had.

“They are not backed by the complete Fishers of Men band but they infused with friends of their own. “They are also good on musical instruments though they didn’t play any on the upcoming releases.”’


The Charambas
Despite the Covid-19 lockdown, Pastor Charamba was upbeat his daughters’ music would penetrate the market.

“They’ve come on board when the world is faced with this challenge. “They have no choice but to make do with the available remedies, avenues and resources. “They were meant to launch in a different manner but they have decided to wait no more. “Worship music should rather come in and even assist in lifting and soothing souls during times like these.

“They will avail the music to traditional media that include radio and television, subject to acceptance and passing the editorial standards set by those particular institutions.”After the launch, Pastor Charamba said his daughters would promote their stuff online with visuals set to come soon.

“’Due to the prevailing conditions, the music and videos will be available online; YouTube , Spotify, ITunes and Google Play among the countless other platforms.

“They have own interactive accounts on Instagram and Facebook. It being a first for them, they are warming up to this kind of a journey, Christ being the principal anchor.

“The releasing of audio and videos will be concurrent. They had enough time to prepare though they recorded amid school programmes, followed by the closure of public facilities due to the Covid-19 lockdown. So, Friday the 10th delivers everything, 11am to be precise,” he said.


Pastor Charamba also took the opportunity to explain how good parenting has helped their children to follow in their footsteps. “The biggest responsibility a parent can have is presence and availability.

“A child should not bank a question she/he intends to direct to a parent for ages for lack of time with their parent. “Parenting is not about having or not having money; it’s much to do with having quality time with.

“A parent is encouraged by the Bible to train their child at a tender age. Most important as well, parents should be exemplary in the eyes of their siblings. A parent should be a follower of Jesus for them to be emulated effectively,” he said.

Continued Pastor Charamba: “I will not boast to say we have accomplished absolute perfection in the children, BIG NO, but we do our best to mentor them in accordance to the word of God.

“They have been observing our strengths and shortcomings; children need to be given space but they must be assisted during the earlier stages because they can’t judge whether they are right or wrong.”

Unlike most parents who force their children to follow in their footsteps, Pastor Charamba said Shalom and Eternity made their choice prior to being coopted in the Fishers of Men camp.

“They had partially been incorporated into our Fishers of Men outfit. They are not obliged, they may maintain their own setup. “’They are free to be on stage with us any time they wish but we don’t have any challenge to have any parallel programmes with them.”


As a seasoned artiste who have seen a lot in the game, Pastor Charamba also warned his daughters of the trials of showbiz. “The advice we give to our children has much of its emphasis on doing everything with sincerity, well-meaning, prayerfully, respecting people and revering God.

“The same advice we give to our siblings in Christ out there is the same that we have for our biological ones. “They must not be pressured to sing like anyone else but must remain themselves. Pace and frequency of release should be at their discretion,” he added.

Source – H-Metro

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