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Simba fires shots at his younger brother, Prophet Passion Java: Video

Prophet Passion Java, Simba

The drama rocking the Java family seems to be far from over following a series of back and forth videos of the members of the family opening up and sharing their sides on the matter at hand about one of the brothers.

A couple of days ago, Simba, brother to the well-known prophet and media personality Passion aka Twabam, dropped a bombshell and social media had their spices to make the matter hot, whereby they started dragging Passion Java of living a good life while neglecting his brother.

Obviously, the other members of the family had to respond to such claims by Simba, of which the two older brothers Apostle Java and the other spoke out and addressed the claims. Therefore Simba has again come out slamming what his brothers addressed, saying it’s all lies.

From the recent video of Simba making rounds on social media, he is accusing Passion Java of buying “his girlfriend”, rapper Nadia Nakai a car. Watch the video below:


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The Government has allayed fears of the shortage of health personnel in the country’s hospitals in the wake of nurses being rested after testing positive to Covid-19.

Nurses Zimbabwe

There has been a surge in the number of frontline health workers who are testing positive to the virus in the country’s health institutions raising fears that it may culminate in a shortage of personnel. At least 32 health personnel at United Bulawayo Hospitals and Mpilo Central in Bulawayo tested positive to coronavirus after they came into contact with infected patients while 267 have been isolated after being exposed to the virus at the two hospitals. continue reading