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Report: Mozambique extends Zimbabwean mercenary’s contract to December



Islamic Terrorists

Report: Mozambique extends Zimbabwean mercenary’s contract to December. The mercenaries are assisting the government to fight the extremist Islamic terrorists who are wreaking havoc in the country.

Former Zimbabwean Army Commander Colonel Lionel Dyck‘s contract killers, the Dyck Advisory Group (DAG), are in celebratory mode after the Mozambican government extended their three months contract to December 2020 and expanded their operation to include a training element for Mozambique land forces.

“The Mozambique Defence Forces are unprepared and under-resourced and we have to move fast. Some of the atrocities committed are unlike anything I have seen before and I’ve seen a lot of wars, in a lot of different places,” DAG head Lional Dyck told journalists recently. “Despite this barbarism, this enemy is organised, motivated and well equipped. If we don’t get on top of this, it’s going to spread south fast and that will be a catastrophe for the entire region.”

DAG will be providing training to Mozambican troops to act more effectively in conjunction with aerial firepower. Military sources close to the happenings said the tactic is modelled on the Fireforce tactic developed by the Rhodesian army, in which Dyck was an officer during the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe. For the tactic to work, DAG or the Mozambican air force will need troop-carrying helicopters to speedily bring reinforcements when contact is made with the enemy.

Writing for Institute for Security Studies Timothy Waalker said, “SADC must urgently take action. First, it must convene a meeting of its Standing Maritime Committee to review available naval capacity and funding and provide options to guide decision making.

Second, it must draft a SADC maritime operational strategy. This could be done by reviewing both its 2011 strategy for countering piracy in the Western Indian Ocean and its 2015 regional counter-terrorism strategy to see what they can contribute. The process must accompany the adoption of its Integrated Maritime Strategy.

An amphibious capability could deny Al-Sunnah further revenue and intelligence opportunities

An outcome of the Standing Maritime Committee must be a greater appreciation of the role the maritime domain can play in resolving the conflict. Decision-makers need to see how an overarching strategy with a strong maritime component could help disrupt Al-Sunnah, provided they act promptly.”

Source – Bulawayo24

In other news – ZNA spokesperson issues a statement on the Kuwadzana swarm of bees attack issue

ZNA spokesperson issues a statement on the Kuwadzana swarm of bees attack issue.  So there has been news circulating on social media and in the streets that the police and soldiers were attacked by a swarm of bees whilst they were carrying out lockdown enforcement in Kuwadzana.Soldiers Zim

There was drama in Kuwadzan 4 yesterday when security forces who were enforcing lockdown were attacked with a swarm of bees…continue reading.




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