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Senior lecturer Madzibaba Zakaria: I miss my students



Nicholas Zacharira

Senior lecturer Madzibaba Zakaria: I miss my students. The 64-year-old, whose Chitungwiza home used to be packed with aspiring and budding artistes honing their skills under his great tutelage before lockdown, said the situation was no longer the same. “While the situation does not allow us to operate as we used to do, we need to value life and observe all the regulations.

Nicholas Zakaria says the Covid-19 lockdown has disrupted his ‘’classes” in Chitungwiza but is not a bitter man as he values life.

“In my case, I am now used staying indoors and I will only move around where there is a need to do so with proper documentation. “As a father figure to many artists out there, I need to lead by example and show the youngsters how it is done.

“It would be a mistake for me to be caught offside flouting the Covid-19 rules.”  He, however, appealed to the authority to facilitate artistes’ mobility if they have valid reasons like a recording. “Although there is a need to observe all the rules, artistes are a bit special since they entertain and heal poor souls during such trying times.

“I would be happy if artistes who are visiting studios are given letters to travel because some of us are now stuck. “In my case, I have been longing to record with my band members but they can’t travel to the studios.

“One of my band members stay in Norton while the other will stays in Dzivaresekwa with the third member staying in WhiteCliff. “This has stalled the production of my 28th album and I am currently practising on my own at home.”

The Sungura godfather who has a history of nurturing young talent said he would only wait for normalcy to prevail. “In my case, I will only wait until the situation is now so that I can continue with my calling. “Over the years, I groomed the likes of Sytem Tazvida, Cephas Karushanga,Alick Macheso, Simon Mutambi among others.

“In recent years, there are many underground artistes who have been coming for lessons and I am forgetting some of them. “I have also been working with young artistes from other genres like dancehall and one of the notable names I am proud of is Jah Signal,” he added.

Source – H-Metro

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