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Mome Mahlangu talks about how she struggle with Depression

For many depression is taboo and many people who suffer from it rarely open up. In the same sense, miscarriages also fall under that same category and some women feel stigmatized when they open up, especially on social media.

However, few courageous celebs use their platform for the greater good and talk about their struggles openly.

Mome Mahlangu has recently talked about her struggles with her in-laws, depression and miscarriages. Through it all, her husband’s love has helped deal with all those troubles.

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Detailing her healing journey, she took to Instagram and posted a picture of her husband Tall Ass Mo and their daughter.

“It’s crazy how someone’s words can wound your soul. I think about those constant insults from my in-laws and struggling to heal from previous miscarriages was the one thing that left me miserable and living because of the love my husband has shown me.

“I was hurt and confused by something I had no control over because of that And many more depressing incidents with my in-laws I lost hope in us having kids… , rest assured their words and thoughts of me became too toxic almost turned into illness like depression, their words , will she ever raise a family?” she opened up.

The entertainer continued by adding how their striking words helped her become a better mother in her household.

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