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Zimbabwe remembers Umdala Wethu Dr Joshua Nkomo




Zimbabwe remembers Umdala Wethu Dr Joshua Nkomo. On the 21st anniversary of Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo’s death, Bulawayo business leaders together with Women’s Affairs Community Small and Medium Enterprises Development Minister

Sithembiso Nyoni said: We must appreciate and keep Joshua Mqabuko’s legacy of local and economic development. He was a key believer and driver of local empowerment projects and that legacy should be appreciated. Women Inspired MD Dr Nothando Moyo said:

He was Africa conscious with a vision to empower his people. The teachings that we got from the late Dr. Nkomo was that we should always think of ways to empower each other, how to better our country and give back to society. Zwide Veggies’ Emmaculate Nxumalo said:

Dr. Nkomo said for you to get the money you do not need contacts or to be associated with big names. All you need to do is to invest in your hands. He once said in his speech if you want to make money spell the word Lima back-wards and that’s where all your money is.

The Chronicle spoke to Joshua Nkomo’s surviving brother who said he remembered the last time he spoke to his brother and his last words and said:

A nation is a nation by people. The Nkomo family is full of people of different ethinc backgrounds, there are Shonas, there are members with Malawi roots. There was a song by George, I only remember the first name, when we were growing up which said some say mangwanani, some say salibonani, and many other languages but we are one people.

What you should remember is that you are one nation, we will integrate more and dont be surprised by your children coming tomorrow with a white girl to say this is my wife, that is ok because we are one people, things and times do change but we are one people. When interviewed by Chronicle Dr Nkomo’s son Mr Sibangilizwe Nkomo yesterday, Nkomo said:

We are not going to have any events to commemorate July 1. Covid-19 has affected our planning. We wanted something that is physical where people could gather as opposed to the virtual meetings. So, this year nothing is happening due to Covid-19 pandemic. We urge Zimbabweans to reflect on his teachings and his vision for Zimbabwe. People should listen to his voice that we believe is still relevant. Dr Nkomo always called for people to be totally free.

We have the potential to progress more than many countries if we follow his teachings and its not late to follow his teachings. He always said Zimbabweans should unite for the development of the nation regardless of their political affiliation. It is unfortunate that the country is so polarised that we can’t agree on anything.

Even on Twitter, Zimbos have started to tweet and talk about Father Zimbabwe:

Moe Chanda

Lest we forget. Remembering #FatherZimbabwe.. Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo “Chibwechitedza” Played pivotal role in the Independence of Zimbabwe. A man who preached peace and unity and a man whose political ideas were far ahead of his time 19 June 1917 to 1 July 1999

Pedzisai Ruhanya

On this day in 1999. Joshua Nkomo, the veteran nationalist and freedom fighter died but his ideas and contributions to Zimbabwe remain with us. Revolutionaries don’t die, they rest.

Gift Siziba

In 2012 l was awarded the Joshua Nkomo scholarship to study at the UZ. I became because he was. Painful as it might be our generation bears the task to finish the race and establish a truly democratic, egalitarian Zimbabwe. #ZanupfMustGo

Mitchell Gumbo
Remembering a great nationalist, a freedom fighter par excellence and a man whose political ideals were far ahead of his time, the great Joshua Nkomo. Chibwechitedza. KaNyongolo 19 June 1917 to 1 July 1999 “Isotsha esipethe umntwana”

Joshua Nkomo Foundation

Even if many of us, particularly his Cde’s, continue to be ambivalent & repressive to the memory of Nkomo, we will do what we can to remember him. We remember him for what his life signifies in our country partly with a view to measuring what we have failed to do for our people.

Mlondolozi Ndlovu

‘You cannot build a country by firing people’s homes, abductions and torturing people. No country can live by slogans, pasi (down with) this and pasi that. When you are ruling you should never say pasi to anyone- Joshua Nkomo 1984 #HappyNkomoDay
Open Space
#01July will be an important day to remember Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo: 19 June 1917 – 1 July 1999. His legacy is being ruined by elites in power.
Mtwakazi Facts
The statue of Joshua Nkomo was erected btwn 8th Avenue and Main Street in #bulawayo. This is the same location where the statue of Cecil John Rhodes was. Both facing the same direction (North)

Source – Pindula News

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