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Stunner’s COVID-19 awareness message


Stunner’s COVID-19 awareness message. Stunner has given us an update about his fitness. The rapper was ill for a couple of days and was serious to the point of being admitted to a private hospital. The was a lot of news circulating his sickness pictures were even taken of him whilst he was in the hospital.

Now he has come back with an update about his health and a general COVID-19 awareness message for his fans. Check it below

stunner Mdara Dziva

The funny thing about covid is people think vakuitirwa hutsinye muma road nemabhawa…..people are even organising house parties to substitute bars…the biggest mistake is thinking we wont get it from people we know or our relatives or rich people…covid is not selective and cowards live longest.

I didn’t allow visitors at the hospital even tho many of you wanted to come through. You didn’t know what my illness was and you were still by the door step and same way I didn’t know what you’d bring in. Covid is real guys and it’s killing people. Taker care , I love you all , I’m 100% fit and still practicing safety at home.

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Source – MbareTimes

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