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Don’t share your marriage problems on social media

Marriage of Convinience

Don’t share your marriage problems on social media. The call was made by the minister of religion and marriage officer Apostle Benjamin Murata following reports by members made to join female groups Nhoroondo Ladies only and Hani where women share their marital problems.

Married women have been warned over-sharing bedroom matters on social media amid reports of rising divorce cases.

One of the group administrators was alleged to have disclosed contact numbers of the married women facing problems leading lustful men to approach them for sex in their WhatsApp inboxes. Apostle Murata threatened to expose men and women involved in this scam he described as evil and enemy of holy matrimonies.

“God respect families since the world was created from a family set up of God the father, Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit,” said Apostle Murata. “Marriage wreckers are enemies of God and of the church because families are also regarded as the first church where God conveys his messages to nations.

“It is unpleasing to learn that there are social media groups being administered by people claiming to be best in addressing marital issues when they are after destroying them with their advice.

“Women sharing their bedroom life issues through social media are likely to face difficulties and risk their marriages because of ill-informed reports coming to our attention.

“Marriages must receive some blessings since many of them are from bad background hence the need to align them in accordance to the word of God for them to survive in all weather.

“Kuputsika kwadzo kunoenderana nekuti imba yacho yakatangasei yatangira papi pedyo nanani saka kugovana mashoko ezvinowanikwa mudzimba pa social media injodzi huru,” said Apostle Murata. He said issues of describing sizes of manhood and sexual satisfaction has become a devil’s playing ground in a way to destroy marriages.

“God created man and woman including their private parts to suit the intended purposes so those raising issues of dissatisfaction are being used by the devil,” said Apostle Murata.

“There is a need for a couple to share your love stories as well as bedroom issues openly before and during the marriage. “The first affection that united you is stronger to meet marriage needs that are why the word of God says the devil came to steal, kill and destroy.

“Love can be stolen before it is killed and finally destroyed so one way being used by the devil is through abuse of social media, the introduction of s.e.x enhancers and topical these days are so-called herbs.

“Panevafana vaita mari netswanya mashizha emimango akaoma votengesa vachiti ma hernbs emisana vachidyira vanhu mari ndapota musadzimaidzwe kudaro nekuda kwebonde,” said Apostle Murata.

He urged couples to seek counselling other than sharing their issues with people who are after making names in the name of helping marriages.

A married woman shared with her husband messages sent by a young man asking to quench her sexual appetite. The young man pleaded with the couple for forgiveness and H-Metro overexposing his messages and photographs.

Source – H-Metro

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