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Moira Knight exclusively exposes Seh Calaz’s drug abuse story: Pics



Moira and Calaz

Moira Knight exclusively exposes Seh Calaz’s drug abuse story: Pics. In a heartfelt message the wife and baby mama of Seh Calaz also the daughter of famous and veteran DJ Eric Knight Moira has exposed her husband and baby daddy Seh Calaz of his drug abuse problem. Check the message below and the pictures she posted.

Kutaura privately as adults ndinenge ndichitoda but as you can imagine haana chaanotaurika naye. He is very good at kutiza. I haven’t seen Tawanda since 12th august paaka tiza mumba aka jamba jura hall when i tried to talk to him. I spent my birthday with his relatives takamumirira so we could discuss a the issues but he did not turn up even after being phoned several times.

I have been away for a few months, not on holiday but giving birth to my son and unfortunately when i came back ndakaona imba yave sango hence my reason for involving his relatives.

On a serious and concerning note, ndinganzi ndopenga ndo bleacher handi zvare and all yes it’s fine, but at 30 years old munhu wechi rume anofanirwa kunge akura brain. Paya panenge pachinzi ndiri celeb or ndiri Kushoota video or panopostwa ma picture pa instagram munhu achislayer kunge slay queen every 3 hours, kana kwazodoka it would be good to know munhu akuenda mumba kwake after a hard day’s work not kuswera achiTenderera mbare yese taking pictures.

Seh Calaz Sofa

But noo, dzapadhuze nekudzingwa kwadzino roja. By now having been in the industry for that long should have built even a small basic house like other artists have done. Kungonzi ndeyako and hapana achakudzinga or kuvunza rent is an achievement. Look at the sofas.

Moira Letter

They should have been replaced time ago because munhu anoshanda and has been for years. Zvasiyana nekuti munhu asingaende kubasa. Yes currently theres covid/lockdown but right now as we speak i think pane video irikushootwa for flambo purposes, not for free by the way.

Seh Calaz PotraitMari that is once again going out and probably not coming back. But mwana haana pekugezera or cot bed. He refurbished his studio kuti mufunge munhu akarongeka. If you see this place muchaona ndiri munhu ari right.

Beer Bottles

Mumba macho hamuna any other picture but madziro aka hangwa, kunamirwa ma pictures ake enlarged nd framed. Ndakanyara when i had to serve hama dza Tawanda food i had to place the plates straight pa floor because table ikutadza kungotengwa kana ye $300 zvayo, i’m sure kumbare dziriko.

Seh Calaz and Friend Handipenge usually kana ndaita courage yeku taura out that’s the only way he might hopefully see the seriousness of this situation.

Source – MbareTimes

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