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Zimbabweans now hosting s.e.x parties: WhatsApp group chat leaked




Zimbabweans now hosting s.e.x parties: WhatsApp group chat leaked. Things in the country are going sideways both economically, politically and now socially too. The things we are seeing that are being accepted and being normalised in this era are astonishing and sad at the same time.

The 21st century has come with unspeakable things being normalised, same s.e.x marriages are being legalised, s.e.x is being done everywhere and with whoever you want, its no longer a symbol of love, it’s now a thing used to make money.

The value and stature of this act have been devalued to the worst. Just recently there has been a picture of a WhatsApp chat leaked of a group of people who are now hosting s.e.x parties where everyone in the party will have s.e.x with whoever is in the building. All they need to have is just money. Check the picture below of the leaked chat

S.e.x Party

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Moira Knight drops bomb: Seh Calaz is abusing drugs, threaten to leak s.e.xtapes

Moira Knight drops a bomb: Seh Calaz is abusing drugs. Social media streets are on fire right now after the wife and baby mama of chanter Seh Calaz posted some pictures with cryptic captions that are indirectly attacking her husband.Calaz Moira

It seems like there is trouble in Paradise. Remember the young couple once had a nasty bust-up that led to the chanter bashing the…continue reading.