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Andy Muridzo now doing street boxing


Andy Muridzo now doing street boxing. The crooner caught the attention of onlookers at N Richards parking bay where he showcased his boxing skills as he underwent some drills with the fitness trainer. Not only did Baba Keketso showcased his other ‘hidden’ talent but he also motivated the young men who were milling around the boxing ring for their hard work.

Andy Muridzo says he might not be a favourite of some people but his heart bleeds for the hard-working and focused young people. Yesterday, the 28-year-old parked his car in Westlea and ‘blessed’ a local fitness trainer who was giving boxing lessons to ghetto yutes in the area with advice.

“I just stopped my car at the place as I was doing my errands and decided to chat with the fitness trainer and fitness enthusiasts who were milling around the parking bays.

“I grew up doing boxing as a young boy and I just wanted to show the young men who were there that fitness is also important in life. “As you know some of the young people have nothing to do on lockdown and exercising is one of the things required on Covid-19 lockdown to fight stress.

“Studies have shown that fitness has helped many people to fight stress-related illnesses and that is what I was telling the fitness trainer and his class,” he said. Baba Keketso, as the singer is fondly known, said he has managed to change the lives of many people, especially the youths by engaging with them.

“People might have other perceptions about me but when it comes to empowering the young people with knowledge, I can brag that I am doing my best as a celebrity. “As you know, most celebrities don’t have time to entertain their fans, especially the ghetto yutes but I have taken it upon myself to do so.

“Currently, I am grooming a number of artists and don’t be surprised when I go on to unleash them later this year. “I also talk and share experiences with the young people who want to learn from us as they look up to celebrities of our stature to assist them,” he said.

On new projects, Murids said he was expecting to unveil his fifth album before year-end. “I have been working on my fifth album for a while an di would like to release it in October once everything is in place.

“We are working on modalities on how to release it as we are also monitoring the Covid-19 situation,” he added. For the greater part of lockdown which started in March, Muridzo has been releasing a string of singles.

He has also featured in a number of online shows sponsored by Nash TV and ZTN among other stations. Muridzo’s love life has grabbed headlines on many occasions but he has remained strong.

In recent weeks, he lost close relatives in a short space of time where he ended up appealing for help to be able to overcome. Many a fan has been sympathising with the Dherira singer while others felt he deserves true love in such trying times.

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