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DStv reshuffles M-Net channels movies




DStv reshuffles M-Net channels movies. Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the group of new channels would be activated at 12 noon on Tuesday, September 1.

M-Net movie channels on DStv are to get a spring makeover, with a streamlining of the channels into four themed units that will make viewing choices easier and quicker.

“The concept of this change is to make it easier for viewers to source movies, through providing focus channels and by streamlining the overall line-up into four genre-driven units,” she said. M-Net Movies 1 will be available to DStv Premium viewers on channel 104 and will feature comedy, animated, children’s, family, romance and drama films. M-Net Movies 2 will be available to DStv Premium viewers on channel 106 with a focus on action, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and thriller films.

On 107 viewers with Premium and Compact will find M-Net Movies 3, with action, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, comedy, family, drama and South African films, while on 108 M-Net Movies 4 will feature action, comedy, family, animated, drama and South African films, the latter available to all viewers from DStv Access up.

Ms Dziva said 1 would feature the kind of films seen until now on M-Net Smile and M-Net Premiere, while 2 would absorb content from M-Net Action +.

“M-Net Action and All-Stars films will be housed by 3 while M-Net Movies Zone content will be found on 4,” she said. The popular occasional channel M-Net Pop-Up will remain housed at channel 111, where themed seasons will be hosted as before.

“The reduction from six to four channels will not reduce content but will allow for slicker scheduling and in coming weeks and months we will see new channels coming in to the slots vacated by this reduction,” said Ms Dziva.

Source – Pindula News

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