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Hot new stunning pics of fitness bunny Letty Abs aka Zimfitnessmum



Letty Abs

Hot new stunning pics of fitness bunny Letty Abs aka Zimfitnessmum. The fitness bunny is back with a bang and we are in love with what we are seeing. As they say, summer bodies are made in winter and she is showing us exactly how the statement works. She was busy working hard in the winter. Check the pictures below as she shows off her latest banging body goals.

She is back and she is looking as hot as ever. The fitness bunny continues to make us proud and share her pictures which motivate many people to have perfect bodies that make them stay healthy.Letty Abs

One of the fitness bunnies we discovered in 2019 and she is taking over our fitness plan as she vows to continue serving fitness goals in 2020. The bunny is also friends with Mimie Moana who is also a fitness bunny.Letty

The fitness bunny has strike again as she joins the world in taking careful measures about dealing with this deadly disease Voronavirus or COVID 19 which has caused so much death in the world over a short period of time.Letty Abs

Back to our story Letty Abs who goes by the name of Zim Fitness Mum on Instagram is joining the world in quarantining. Letty Abs

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Picture of a Zimbabwe tollgate breaks the internet

Picture of a Zimbabwe tollgate breaks the internet. A photo circulating on social media has set tounges wagging because of how bad the infrastructure is. The tollgate appears as if it will fall on the Zinara officers manning it. Mnangagwa‘s government looks as if it is not bothered by the safety of Zinara employees.tollgate_zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) raised road toll fees by 350 per cent on in July 2020 but the quality of the infrastructure still leaves a lot to be desired…continue reading.



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