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Police warn political parties, MDC mainly



Below are scenes from the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai (MRT) House, formerly Harvest House, where MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is expected to deliver his Hope of the nation address (HONA). The Address is being held at the party headquarters after the police denied the opposition permission to hold the address at Africa Unity Square. There is heavy police presence as the police have surrounded the supporters who have gathered for the address.

Police warn political parties, MDC mainly. This comes as post-mortem results ruled out assault, physical harm or anybody laceration on the late Chiwaya, whose body was found four houses away from his house in Karoi last Friday.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned individuals, including politicians, who are claiming that MDC councillor for Hurungwe Ward 4 Lavender Chiwaya was abducted and killed by State agents saying such unsubstantiated assertions cause alarm and despondency.

Investigations into the death of Chiwaya, who had a history of alcohol abuse and was buried on Wednesday, are ongoing with the police awaiting toxicology tests to get full facts on the cause of death.

In a statement yesterday, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations into Chiwaya’s death were in full swing and the public should allow the police to do their job.

“Police are aware and disturbed by statements which are being attributed to some party officials, councillors and other speakers at the funeral who are now grandstanding and openly claiming that Chiwaya was attacked, abducted and killed by security agents.

“There is no tangible proof that Chiwaya was either abducted or kidnapped and then killed by security agents as claimed by politicians.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges the concerned individuals and groups to come forward and present credible facts or evidence regarding what they are saying on social media and other forms of the media.

“ZRP cautions individuals, politicians and institutions against obstructing the investigations which are currently underway. Politicians must be careful of their unsubstantiated claims which cause alarm and despondency in the country,” Asst Comm Nyathi said.

After the death of Chiwaya, the MDC-A with its tendency to hijack deaths for political expediency made baseless claims that the former councillor was murdered, but the post mortem results have proved them wrong again.

Meanwhile, Asst Comm Nyathi said, “police are still pursuing allegations of alcohol abuse and girlfriends which were raised during the course of investigations into Chiwaya’s death”.

He added that before the arrival of officers at the scene, Chiwaya’s body had been tampered with by some people who had tried to administer first aid.

“The so-called bruises have not been attributed to any form of assault, abduction or kidnapping as being alleged by some politicians.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police implores the public to allow the investigations to proceed smoothly and those with information to contact the investigation officer or National Complaints Desk on landline (0242) 703631 or WhatsApp number 0712 800 197.”

Source – The Herald

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