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Reason for Pomona dumpsite fire revealed



Pomona Dump site

Reason for Pomona dumpsite fire revealed. Mafukidze was speaking on the City of Harare Facebook page on Monday. “What really happened is there was an electrical transmission cable that fell down and there was a shot which ignited the grass.

City of Harare Chief Fire Officer Lovemore Mafukidze on Monday told residents that the raging Pomona fire was caused by an electrical fault after a transmission cable fell.

“And because of the direction of the wind, the fire was blown into the dumping site and because of the heavy August winds, the fire spread quickly that’s why the dump is still on fire.

“We are facing challenges to put out the fire as there are no water points on site, it is very difficult to go and get water and come back, if it all we had a water point which is a hydrant, we could have tackled the fire faster because of the availability of water.

“As you understand, fires like this require copious amounts of water because at some points the fire will be deep sited to almost three meters down and we will require lots of water to put it out,” he said

When asked of the progress so far, Mafukidze said: “With the assistance of the loaders, we are using what we call smothering where we put soil on top of the burning material so that we suffocate the fire blocking oxygen from getting to the fire.”

Source – H-Metro

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