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Suspected ZANU PF youths kick ED’s advisor out of a public meeting

Shingi Munyeza

Suspected ZANU PF youths kick ED’s advisor out of a public meeting. The youths initially demanded to know why Munyeza and controversial Norton MP Temba Mliswa are in good books and youths also accused him of not paying them for managing his social media platforms, an allegation which they could not prove.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s outspoken adviser Shingi Munyeza was on Tuesday blocked from addressing a public meeting in Harare by a group of suspected ZANU PF youths.

Speaking to NewsDay after the meeting, Munyeza said he was unfazed by the intimidation and will continue to speak against the “rogue” and “occultic” regime. He said: I call it an occult system and it is an orchestrated move to try and muzzle me. It is an orchestrated move to try and raise fear and to take away my own freedoms and rights.

I will not relent, I am not deterred, I remain resolute. This country is being run by a rogue system. What people have not realised is what I have been saying.

There is no respect for freedoms, there is no respect for rights so today was such a day where I was stopped from addressing a gathering that was apolitical. I am very fully aware of it, I am cognizant of it but it is what it is, we have a rogue system.

The youths continued harassing Munyeza until they forced him out of the meeting, leaving fellow businessman Nigel Chanakira and others to address the gathering. Munyeza, who is also a pastor, has of late been using his online Sunday sermons to criticise the ZANU PF-led government’s human rights abuses and corruption.

Source – Pindula News

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