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Tino Kadewere’s horror trip

Tino Kadewere’s horror trip. Tino Kadewere flew back into the country on Thursday for the burial of his brother Prince who died in Harare last Wednesday. The Lyon star Tino Kadewere has described his journey from France to Zimbabwe last week as ‘nightmarish’.

Speaking to H-Metro on the experiences of the trip yesterday, Kadewere said he was ‘out of his mind’ and could not recall everything that happened. “To be honest with you, it was not easy. Those who have lost something important in their lives can relate. It was something else and I travelled with a disturbed mind. It was a terrible trip.

“To tell you the truth, I started believing that my brother is gone when I arrived here and saw people gathering. I could not talk to anyone or do anything while on the plane, I just thank God for leading me all the way from France to pay last respects to my brother,” said Kadewere.

He said he did not even fear the risk of coronavirus or getting quarantined when he jets into the country.

“I was following all the coronavirus precautionary measures but I was not worried. I was only concerned about arriving in Zimbabwe and find out what really happened to my brother. “My team (Lyon) had done everything with the authorities here back home to ensure that I get an exemption to mourn my brother,” he said.

The former Harare City forward, however, said he had to be strong or risk getting ill due to nervousness. “I also told myself that I need to be strong or my temperature will be very high and worsen the situation when I arrive in Zimbabwe.

“Imagine if I came all the way from France crying, it was not going to be easy for me but I like I said it was terrible,” said Kadewere. The Warriors forward said he is will return to France as soon as he gets his passport from the authorities.

“For now I am spending time with my family and I will return to France as soon as I get my passport back. When I was exempted, they said I should leave the passport and I will get tested before leaving the country. “Upon arrival, I will also get tested and if I test negative I will return back to work,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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