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Mudiwa weighs in on the Stunner, Olinda latest drama

Mudiwa Stunner

Mudiwa weighs in on the Stunner, Olinda latest drama. Entangled once again in a drama these two Olinda Chapel and Desmond Chideme aka Stunner should just re-marry don’t you think? Because like seriously they have unfinished bu.siness.

These exes are one of the most entertaining former lovers we have ever had in our country. Their drama has got us entertained since the first day they got divorced up until now. They make sure they have something interesting always on their plate. The drama they keep pulling from their sleeves is very interesting.

Stunner’s nemesis and fellow rapper MudiwaHood had some words after the two were at it again and here is what he had to say about this whole issue…

MudiwaHood Stunner

Ini hangu Personally….

I will never ever go back to any of my exes that i promise you but I will never disrepect a person who once loved me😔, I am not perfect hangu but fact that I once loved you, I will always respect you….Nyangwe vandinyeye or vandituke zvakaita sei…ndirimunhu ndogona kurwadziwa ndanyeperwa asi…I will always respect women…amana kunyanya mukadzi akatombomira newe nyika yese ichiona…😥😥

Woman, you are not your mistakes…No…your mistakes dont define you…
If we failed to work out, it does not make us enemies…Once I love you, You become my family ( not in literal sense hayo but i will not wish death or bad things on you but success and hapiness uri ikoko)…

Gents…Nyangwe zvireme sei…You dont please strangers attacking people who once took shots for you( zvatakaonawo tese)…Nooooo.
Ladies…respect your exes too… zvikarmba hazvireve kuti ta ma enemies respect each other….

Source – MbareTimes

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