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Ishan drops new single titled peanut butter


Ishan drops new single titled peanut butter. Speaking through his publicist Takudzwa Manyoni, Ishan highlighted that the response he has been getting so far in the early stages of the release of his new single is good. “The response has been good so far.

Award-winning crooner Isheanesu “Ishan” Chigagura has dropped a new single titled Peanut Butter whose response from fans is good.  “We have been having good reviews but obviously we want it to do better. “We want it to reach more audience as we believe that it is a good song with a unique taste to it,” he told H-Metro.

Asked what Peanut Butter is all about, he said: “The song is about love and how at times we may fall out and maybe get ourselves mixed up in other things and the love fades away. “It also speaks of how maybe at times as men we may also find ourselves lost trying to figure out who we are when we also lose our loved ones.

“It is quite a valuable song that is pretty much honest to one’s feeling. “Fun fact, it was inspired by 326 express show by KVG and Pathisani back when we produced it.” Ishan said that for him 2020 in terms of achievements made as compared to last year has been a good year but had some setbacks.

“It has been a good year but with its own setbacks. “I believe it is all about how you look at yourself and what is surrounding you. “To some, it seems like well what is next, but to me I believe it is a new chapter.” “2019 was a great year and that got us to some pinnacle and gave us the access we needed.

“But yes, to fairly speak, we have had our hurdles but the only focus we have is up.” Asked if he felt like 2020 was a bad year for him, Ishan said: “2020 has been a good year that is when I actually managed to win all those awards from the work we put in last year.

“That in turn has also helped me to work on new projects that include Maidei and a whole other ones that are coming out. “In 2020 we have done two videos and one solo concert (A Million Miles Apart which was well received, we are a business and we are building and we will continue doing that.”

The Kure singer said that the challenges that he has been facing this year are financial as their main sources of income have been cut. “Like any entertainment business, right now sources of finance like gigs have been cut. “So that pretty much has an effect on us and the way we promote our music.

“As a musician I am constantly looking for best ways to express myself and that is what I am definitely doing right now,” Ishan said. “I am still far from my best, what people have got so far is my best expression, they have loved it and will continue doing that so that they can always get more and more variations of who I am,” he added.

Asked if Peanut Butter marked the end of his 2020 projects or if there was more that fans should expect, Ishan said: “Yes, there is something that is coming up, will announce it really soon. “It is really nice and very exciting, as I said earlier on, 2020 is not over yet.”

Source – H-Metro

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