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Boity Thulo shares with her fans on how she wants to be Proposed

Boity Thulo

Boity is the ‘it’ girl at the moment with all the wins she is receiving as well as the praises and major bags, it is no brainer why every aspect of her life is under a microscopic lens.
Her followers want to know every bit of their faves’ private life including her love life that she keeps a mystery.

Boity has made mention of the fact that she is single and one can only imagine if she is ready to be out there. However, the rapper and businesswoman does have desires of getting married and starting her own family one day.

Taking to her social media she revealed to her fans how she would like her future hubby to propose to her. Responding to a follower who detailed how she would want her proposal to go, Boity added her sentiments saying she’d even want to go as far as telling her husband the type of ring she wants.

Boity Thulo

“I never wanna tell my husband that I wanna get married. That I “want that ring”. I want him to wake up one day and decide he wants to propose to me, talk to my pops, buy that ring and propose…BY HIMSELF… not because I kept mentioning it,”

Boity then replied and said, “I’m going as far as sending him a picture of the exact ring I want. We can even share ideas on how he should propose.

Of course, under her comment’s section were people insinuating that she is directing her tweet at Maps Maponyane. Social media users have been trying to link the two together and have not succeeded. Their last plot at having the two to admit that they are in a romantic relationship failed dismally after creating a hashtag suggesting that the two are engaged.

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