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Mambo Dhuterere songs changing lives, women keeping their pregnancy after hearing Ahuwerere

Mambo Dhuterere

Mambo Dhuterere songs changing lives, women keeping their pregnants after hearing Ahuwerere. Mambo Dhuterere, who came into the limelight last year with the album Dare Guru, said he is pleased to find out that the word in his music is changing and saving lives.

The Mweya Ndisesekedze singer said some women confessed to him that they decided to keep their pregnancy after listening to the song Ahuwerere which castigates abortion.  Gospel musician of the moment, Mambo Dhuterere says he is getting inspiring testimonies from people who were touched by his music.

“The important thing is giving a message that persuades people to repent, and at times some of them give testimonies. “I received messages from different women who openly told me that they changed their mind and decided not to abort after listening to the song Ahuwerere from last year’s album.

“Some showed me two children who were saved by the words from the song Ahuwerere. And the other woman said her young sister also wanted to abort the pregnancy, but when she played her the song Ahuwerere she changed her mind. She even showed me the child,” said Mambo Dhuterere.

“Some would say they want to thank God for not aborting after they listened to the song. They even say they feel happy and free after giving birth to their children. “That is what we want in gospel music. When people come with such testimonies it means the mission of the gospel is being fulfilled,” he added.

Mambo Dhuterere said it gives him a sense of satisfaction to know that his music is making a positive impact to people’s lives. “I am so happy with the results coming from the Word in the music as it is changing the lives of people.

“It feels good when you hear someone telling a true story on how music brought peace into their lives after it influenced them to change their lifestyle,” he said. Mambo Dhuterere, who has a new album – Zvino Dzimba Ngoni – that is playing in the streets at moment, said he is impressed with how his music continues to make people think twice about their lifestyle.

He also said the praises should go to God who gives him music. “I am loving the response of people on the new songs. The fact of testimonies and life-changing, especially from men on the song Zvinonyadzisa.

“A lot of men have said some of the things they do result from temptations and it would not be their intentions. “However, some are saying if someone addresses these issues like the way I did, it drives them to start thinking of repenting or avoid activities that lead to sinning and hurt people,” he told H-Metro.

“A lot of people are thanking me for the songs but I give thanks to the God Almighty because He is the one responsible for the songs,” he added. Mambo Dhuterere said though his music has a message that does not support forbidden earthly pleasures enjoyed by many, he is surprised with the love he gets in the streets.

“With gospel music, it would be like you are in conflict with people because mostly you will be singing the message that is opposite to what people like. “Despite that, people are thanking me for the message most of the times I come across them in socialising. “If they are people attacking me maybe it would be on social media.

“But people I meet in streets they are full of praises and thankful. I believe the words hold the power of the Holy Spirit,” he said. Despite releasing his fourth album Zvino Dzimba Ngoni during the covid-19 lockdown, Mambo Dhuterere said he is happy with the way the album has been received.

“The album has been received more than what we expected since with this lockdown situation we thought it would stifle the album to penetrate the market. “I am, however grateful that the album has reached to the people and they have embraced it.

“Like I said before and as what you have noticed that the album has different themes of hope, prayer and teaching. There are songs for almost everyone according to their situation and experience,” said Mambo Dhuterere. He said all videos for the songs are available.

“I am releasing one video per week on every Monday. All songs have the videos. “So far we have released Zvinonyadzisa and Kurira Mukundi. Next Monday I will release Kubata Basa, then Ndinzweyi and Ndabvunza Emanuwere will be last one,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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