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Hello Mwari remix played on Trace Africa

Hello Mwari remix

Hello Mwari remix played on Trace Africa. The single, which has been trending on YouTube with over 200K views last week, has been featured on Trace Africa and Jah Master expressed his delight. Zimdancehall chanter Jah Master’s recent remix of Hello Mwari, featuring Haitham Kim, has earned a spot on Trace Africa.

“I feel very great to have my works recognised by people who are not Zimbabweans. Since Hello Mwari is a monster song featuring Haitham on the remix, it has enabled the song top have a Swahili part which appeals to more Africans than just Shona people,” he said’

The dancehall chanter opened up what the song is all about. “The song is about praying to God but artistically we are representing the prayer as a phone call to the Almighty to intervene spiritually on our day to day life challenges and some of the things we fight physically,’’ he said.

The song Hello Mwari Remix has made a name for Jah Master. “Collaboration with Haitham was necessary to have the song to appeal to more audience in Africa and abroad and the remix has strengthened my presence in more ways like now we have been played on Trace Africa,” he said.

Jah Master hopes that the likes and views of the remix should reach two million in a couple of weeks. “I’m also hoping that the remix should reach 2 million views,” he said.’ Jah Master’s Hello Mwari, which is single number 8 and its remix was powered by Passion Java and he wants to extend his gratitude.

“I want thank Passion Java for sponsoring the remix and more respect to Nash and Chillspot for the original production,’’ he said.

The dancehall chanter promises fans bags of music this summer and also a live band. “I want to have a live band and my own instruments and moreover our fans should wait for more songs this summer because they will be entertained,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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