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55 people have died so far due to animal attacks in 2020

Hwange National Park

55 people have died so far due to animal attacks in 2020. Speaking about the fatal animal attacks, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management (ZimParks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said.

Animal attacks have claimed the lives of 55 people since the turn on the new year, The Sunday News reports. About 50% of the deaths reported we caused by elephants whose population particularly at Hwange National Park which has a population of close to 50 000 jumbos is causing a headache to parks and wildlife authorities, according to the publication.

Since the beginning of the year we have lost about 55 lives, of the 55 lives lost about 50 percent are attributed to elephant attacks and this is sad to note. The rest of the deaths are from other animals that we have in the park. We also want people in these areas to benefit from the park and not only lose their lives. Farawo also expressed concern over the problems being caused by the ballooning elephant population and said:

The biggest threat to these animals is loss of habitat. They (elephants) are destroying other animal’s habitats such as bird species which can only live and breed in certain tree heights. Elephants have a tendency of knocking down trees as they reach for food and when they do that they affect a lot of other animals in the park.

Earlier this year, some Hynaes attacked and killed 2 minor children who were on their way to the local shops after they were left at home by their parents.

Source – Pindula News

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