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City of Gweru councillors to get US$12 500


City of Gweru councillors to get US$12 500. The Government through the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works sourced the four water pumps for City of Gweru at a cost of US$440 000. Ironically the local authority had earlier indicated that it required US$6 million for the pumps raising suspicion of fraudulent machinations.

Water problems in Gweru have resurfaced after the four pumps that were bought by Government and installed at Amapongokwe Dam to ease the city’s water challenges all broke down.

The purchase of the pumps by the Government had brought the total number of pumps at the reserve water source to five and a combined pumping capacity of 80 megalitres of water daily. However, the four pumps are said to have broken down resulting in the resurfacing of water challenges in the city. The local authority has since introduced water rationing. Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe confirmed the new development.

“We have water supply challenges in the city. This is because of the newly installed water pumps at the city’s alternative water source, Amapongokwe all developed faults. The four water pumps that we received have broken down. The water pumps were procured from South Africa. We are hoping that they will be fixed soon so that we start supplying adequate water to the city,” he said.

The local authority recently signed a debt cancellation agreement with Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) over an outstanding $1,5 million for raw water from Gwenhoro Dam. On the other hand, Zinwa owed the council $3,3million for clean water supplies to Whawha Prison, Fletcher High School and Midlands State University. Zinwa agreed to offset the $1,5 million debt with GCC receiving the difference of $1,8million.

Meanwhile, the cash strapped local authority is set to pay Ward 11 councillor Albert Chirau and former councillor Moses Marecha US$25 000 for outstanding allowances for the time they were dismissed during their 2013-2018 term. In a deed of settlement seen by this publication, the local authority sought an out of court settlement with the two after months of legal battle.

“Whereas the plaintiff and defendant have reached an out of court settlement and herein record their settlement terms and conditions. The defendant (Gweru City Council) agrees that they owe the plaintiffs (Chirau and Marecha) US$12 500 each in outstanding allowances and a commercial stand each as part of their exit package. The defendant undertakes to pay

US$12 500 to Albert Chirau first Plaintiff within 60 days of the granting of this order. The defendant undertakes to pay US$12 500 to Moses Marecha second Plaintiff within 60 days of the granting of this order,” reads part of the deed of settlement.

Source – Sunday News

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