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Happy birthday to comedian Comic Pastor


Happy birthday to comedian Comic Pastor. After spending a night in prison the leading Zimbabwean comedian in the country is celebrating his birthday. The comedian whose real name is Prosper Ngomashi yesterday posted on his Facebook account that he had been arrested. Check the message below

Comic Pastor arrested. The comedian has been arrested according to his Facebook page. Comic Pastor’s real name Prosper Ngomashi was reportedly arrested when he was in Marondera.

He revealed the news on his Social media, we still don’t have many details on the reason for the arrest. A soon as we get more details we will let you know. But today we are celebrating him with some pictures as we always do.

Comic Pastor

The birthday boy with his wife…

On this picture he pulled one of his silly jokes: Believe me if this photo gets 10k likes Ngoda Breweries will make me their brand ambassador let’s go.

Pastor Comic

The comedian has made a name for himself and we all enjoy his acts. Happy birthday brother.