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King 98 speaks about his Tanzania trip

King 98

King 98 speaks about his Tanzania trip. The 22-year-old, who has become a darling of many in the East African country after releasing his song Kachiri featuring Diamond Platnumz, said he was willing to learn for the best. Speaking through his publicity Stephen Tsikirayi. King 98’s camp said Tanzania has embraced the Francesca singer.

Hard-working rapper King 98 says his recent media tour of Tanzania was an eye-opener. “Primarily, Tanzania takes its craft seriously and their competition in the industry is not inspired by negativity but rather by an unusual consensus to push their entertainment industry forward,” he said. Tsikirayi said the young rapper would continue working hard to ensure that he leaves footprints of fame on the continent and beyond.

“King 98 has been an express image of our Zimbabwean flag beyond our borders. “As such, his vision to subdue Africa remains dominant in any plan we orchestrate,” he said.  King 98’s team also hinted on more collaborations to come from the rapper. “King 98’s thought is to have a female collaboration in Tanzania. “As we have highlighted in the previous editions, King 98 has a unique entrepreneurship brain thread.

“Every motive thereof implemented by his management goes line upon line, precept upon precept matching holistically his thought process and brain thread.” Tsikirayi also shared his views on where he felt local rappers were lagging behind.

“It’s kind of hard to tell, maybe what we can do is to discern. The main thing that makes any organisation or anything lag behind is negativity. “We are of the view that our local rappers must put their hearts in the correct place.  “Emphasizing on self-discipline, focus more on their craft and daring to dream big.

“Having both experiences from Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the main difference is on work ethic, artists in Tanzania work extremely hard,” said Tsikirayi who promised fans of a new EP to be released before year-end.

Tsikirayi also told this publication that King 98 was also fulfilling his dream. During the tour, he performed alongside Diamond Platnumaz in Dar es Salaam.

Besides this collaboration with Diamond Platnumz, King 98 has also collaborated with Nigerian superstar Davido who recommended collaboration between him and the Tanzanian superstar.

King 98 has also collaborated with Nigerian singer Zlatan and across the Limpopo, he has been working closely with Nasty C. Last year, the two performed together in South Africa and Zimbabwe during the Ivyson Tour held in memory of the last Nasty C’s mother.

Source – H-Metro

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